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"Our premium quality natural spring water sourced from Babinda in Tropical North Queensland is... simply the best. In fact, its so good... we decided to bottle it"

"You see... waters ain't waters, when it comes to taste and quality" . Unlike many other bottled water brands on the market - whose contents leaves an unpleasant chemical after-taste in your mouth, our water tastes naturally fresh... like water should".

Waterfarms Australia Pty Ltd

Waterfarms Australia Pty Ltd is one of Australia's newest and most innovative water bottling companies. The company is completely family owned and is humbly operated by a dedicated dad and his young twin daughters. Waterfarms Australia is proudly 100% Australian owned and is passionately committed to creating an exceptional range of quality bottled water products that will not only compete with any of the various products that are currently produced by the large multi-national water bottling companies, but will surpass them.

Waterfarms Australia Supports the Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland

Waterfarms Australia Pty Ltd proudly supports all fundraising and charity events organised by the Cairns Branch of The Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland. Just some of the annual charity fundraising events organised by the Cairns Branch of the Leukaemia Foundation....more.

Waterfarms Australia Supports the Crocodile Trophy

Waterfarms Australia Supports the Crocodile Trophy

Waterfarms Australia is proud to support Far North Queensland’s only truly international annual sporting event, The Crocodile Trophy.

A legend in cycling’s European heartland, The Crocodile Trophy is respected as the world's longest, hottest and hardest mountainbike adventure race.

Over ten days of racing, competitors including World and Olympic champions tackle a course which begins in the tropical oasis of Cairns, before venturing via the Tropical Tableland into the vast outback near Chillagoe. The race then ventures north towards the mythical Quinkan country of Laura before once again reaching the coast at Cooktown. The Crocodile Trophy finishes where the rainforest meets the reef, on the beach at Cape Tribulation.

In 2009 The Crocodile Trophy hosted mountainbiking’s elder statesman, former World and Olympic Champion Bart Brentjens, who finished second to Swiss mountainbiker Urs Huber. Who will it be in 2010? Will Brentjens claim the title he so eagerly cherishes or will an unheralded Australian break through, following in the footsteps of Cairns local Adam Hansen who now rides the roads of Europe?

Waterfarms will be there again in 2010, ensuring the gladiators of the Crocodile Trophy are well hydrated and performing at their peak!

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Water Process

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Our water is screened and re-screened for its suitability by university trained and qualified hydrogeologists who are specialist scientists that study the very nature of underground water sources / aquifers and the movement and characteristics of these waters as they travel through the various layers and strata below the ground.

Our bottled water is particularly sweet to taste due to the extreme softness and low mineralization of the natural source water from where it originated. Our bottled water products likewise contain no tap water or harmful chemicals such as chlorine or Fluoride and all water products are bottled in our state of the art bottling plant using a quality HACCP certified food safety system.