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"Our premium quality natural spring water sourced from Babinda in Tropical North Queensland is... simply the best. In fact, its so good... we decided to bottle it"

"You see... waters ain't waters, when it comes to taste and quality" . Unlike many other bottled water brands on the market - whose contents leaves an unpleasant chemical after-taste in your mouth, our water tastes naturally fresh... like water should".

The Waterfarms Story - How Cairns Bottled Water Began

Waterfarms Australia Pty Ltd commitment to bottling quality water commenced on the 24th of May 2002, when they purchased their first parcel of land at Babinda, in Tropical North Queensland.

The 44.62 hectare parcel of mountainous virgin rainforest land was unique in every way. It contained at least 36 permanent mountain springs that never dried up and it was surrounded by the pristine Wooroonooran National Park, on the southern spur of the beautiful Bellenden Ker Ranges. The land was perfect in that it was unspoilt and untouched by human hands and it therefore stood to reason that the water quality would be equally as good.

Independent scientific laboratory testing of their mountain spring water immediately confirmed the exceptional quality and purity of their water, which marked the beginning of years of follow up work in conjunction with a host of government departments, associated agencies and specialist consultants to explore the possibilities of both harvesting and bottling this unique mountain water.

In 2004, the company purchased an abandoned building complex which had previously housed a large, local seafood processing operation. The purchase of this building complex was a perfect acquisition for Waterfarms Australia Pty Ltd, given that it was strategically located only one kilometer from the base of the mountain property where the original source of their spring water was being drawn. From this date on, Waterfarms Australia was faced with the arduous task of rebuilding, re-furbishing, re-roofing and re-modeling the entire plant to suit its new intended life as a water bottling and packaging facility.

Five long years since initially setting out on their entrepreneurial "water bottling" journey, and following the crippling set backs and devastation of Tropical Cyclone Larry in March of 2006, the company finally commenced full production of a variety of premium quality bottled water products in March 2007.

Water Process

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Our water is screened and re-screened for its suitability by university trained and qualified hydrogeologists who are specialist scientists that study the very nature of underground water sources / aquifers and the movement and characteristics of these waters as they travel through the various layers and strata below the ground.

Our bottled water is particularly sweet to taste due to the extreme softness and low mineralization of the natural source water from where it originated. Our bottled water products likewise contain no tap water or harmful chemicals such as chlorine or Fluoride and all water products are bottled in our state of the art bottling plant using a quality HACCP certified food safety system.