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"Our premium quality natural spring water sourced from Babinda in Tropical North Queensland is... simply the best. In fact, its so good... we decided to bottle it"

"You see... waters ain't waters, when it comes to taste and quality" . Unlike many other bottled water brands on the market - whose contents leaves an unpleasant chemical after-taste in your mouth, our water tastes naturally fresh... like water should".

Bulk Water For Remote Communities - 1,000 Litre Transportable Aquapax

The 1,000 Litre Transportable Aquapax is a revolutionary new way to provide bulk micro-filtered drinking water to people and businesses in remote regions all over Australia and the world.

Following years of collaborative product laboratory testing, research and development, North Queensland Company Waterfarms Australia Pty Ltd is proud to announce the release of its new "one–way" and fully recyclable 1,000 Litre bulk drinking water pack known as the Transportable Aquapax.

The Transportable Aquapax water unit essentially comprises an octagonal–shaped outer cardboard box (for strength), which houses a uniquely designed inner liner barrier bag, which has been scientifically developed to ensure that the encapsulated water retains its quality and integrity for longer periods of time, without risk of taint from exposure to oxygen or other surrounding contaminants which may affect taste and odour of drinking water in general.

Whilst most Australians take their seemingly unlimited access to excellent quality drinking water at the turn of a tap for granted, there are many others in regional, remote communities of our dry continent who have limited or no access to safe drinking water. The release of our new 1,000 Litre Transportable Aquapax product, will now afford all Australians equal access to safe, micro-filtered, drinking water on request.

The development and subsequent release of the all new 1,000 Litre Transportable Aquapax has been born out of the need to provide:

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Bulk Water Transportable Aquapax - Potential Markets

The release of our HACCP CERTIFIED Transportable Aquapax into the Australian market in November 2009 signals an exciting new era in the way premium quality, micro-filtered, bulk natural spring water can be easily accessed and enjoyed by all.

This is a breakthrough development, especially for the people, communities and businesses in far off and remote regions of Australia where access to safe quality drinking water is either weather dependent and seasonal, or non-existent.

There are so many applications for the Transportable Aquapax that it is impossible to list them all. Just some of the key markets Waterfarms Australia Pty Ltd has clearly identified, include:

  1. Emergency Response Teams
    SES Response Teams, Cyclone Response Supplies, Bush Fire Response Teams, Flooded and Isolated Communities etc.
  2. The Military
    For use in military manoeuvres in Australia & overseas.
  3. Overseas Aid / Disaster Aid
    For use in overseas refugee camps, war zones, earthquake and tsunami victims aid and for third world country aid.
  4. Remote Australian Communities Affected by Drought
    Where respective Regional Councils and State Governments cannot provide safe supplies of drinking water to its community residents.
  5. Remote Indigenous (Mainland & Island) Communities
    Where respective indigenous community councils and / or State Government instrumentations can not adequately and safely supply the community residents with safe, quality drinking water.
  6. Remote Mine Sites & Construction Sites
    Where workers have limited access to a regular and reliable source of quality drinking water.
  7. Utility Providers
    Such as Ergon, Telstra, Transport Department, Queensland Rail and Main Roads Department. These utility providers will now be able to guarantee that safe drinking water is available to all remote area work crews by providing each remote work vehicle with its own Transportable Aquapax.
  8. Remote Island Tourist Resorts & Remote National Parks
    Each of these respective places could provide Transportable Aquapax for the supply of safe, quality drinking water to their visitors.
  9. Large Outdoor Music Events and Conventions & Exhibitions
    Each of these respective events could provide Transportable Aquapax for patrons at strategic locations around a venue such that dehydration of patrons is avoided at all costs.
  10. Private Sales
    Because Transportable Aquapax sits on top of a standard timber or plastic style pallet, they are ideally suited to be loaded onto a 1 ton utility vehicle or truck where they can be taken out to remote properties or weekenders and offloaded there to provide a safe and reliable source of quality drinking water. Likewise, homeowners can order a Transportable Aquapax as a temporary back-up water supply in the event of an approaching cyclone or natural disaster, or alternatively, locate a Transportable Aquapax on their new residential or rural allotment of land whilst building of their new house takes place and new municipal council water services are yet to be connected or water tanks have been installed.