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"Our premium quality natural spring water sourced from Babinda in Tropical North Queensland is... simply the best. In fact, its so good... we decided to bottle it"

"You see... waters ain't waters, when it comes to taste and quality" . Unlike many other bottled water brands on the market - whose contents leaves an unpleasant chemical after-taste in your mouth, our water tastes naturally fresh... like water should".

Investment Opportunity - In Australia's Fastest Growth Industry

Waterfarms Australia Pty Ltd is always open to discussing the prospect of introducing new investors and business partners. Given that Waterfarms Australia is a very small family owned and operated company, the growth and development opportunities for the company going forward are limitless, if capital injections and investment from the right business partners are forthcoming.

Whilst we are comfortable and content with our current size of business operation and the manner in which our business is conducted, we are always aware of the fact that further improvements could be made possible sooner, with the availability of increased capital flows. Such capital investment would immediately enhance the speed at which research and development initiatives for the company are advanced and introduced.

If you are someone who is interested in the Waterfarms philosophy and being involved in one of the fastest growing industries (bottled water) in Australia, please contact our office on 0439 915 512 to discuss potential investment opportunities.

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