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"Our premium quality natural spring water sourced from Babinda in Tropical North Queensland is... simply the best. In fact, its so good... we decided to bottle it"

"You see... waters ain't waters, when it comes to taste and quality" . Unlike many other bottled water brands on the market - whose contents leaves an unpleasant chemical after-taste in your mouth, our water tastes naturally fresh... like water should".

Cairns Best Bottled & Bulk Water - Waterfarms Australia Product List

Waterfarms Australia Pty Ltd aims to capture a large section of new business with its appealing range of new and traditional product lines. Our state of the art bottling plant is tooled so that it can commercially produce a range of PET and HDPE bottles from 600ml to 1000 litre.

Photo Product Name Price Qty
Cool Springs - 600ml Water (24 bottles per carton) $16.80
Cool Springs - 1.5 Litre Water (10 bottles per carton) $15.00
Transportable Aquapax - 1,000 Litre Transportable Aquapax

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Transportable Aquapax - 1,000 Litre Transportable Aquapax Vinyl Cover $250.00
Water Cooler Bottles - 15 Litre (Returnable)

Minimum order of 3 bottles

Coolers - Benchtop Ceramic Well

* Stand not included, but can be purchased separately.

Coolers - Water Cooler - Crystal Benchtop - Electric $220.00
Coolers - Water Cooler - Electric $275.00
Cooler Accessories - Plastic Disposable Cups

Carton of 1000 cups.